Whether you are in Oil & Gas, Legal, Engineering, Construction or another industry, one trend is certain, and that is that the data needs of your business are continuing to grow. Applications are demanding access to data areas with faster speeds, users want to keep more versions and create larger documents, the need to locate information quickly and protect your data effectively is becoming a major challenge.

Debian Information Technology has partnered with the world’s top storage vendors including Nimble Storage, DELL EqualLogic, DELL Compellent, and other top storage manufacturers to provide your business with the storage solutions that will help you grow and manage data efficiently and effectively.

With Debian IT’s storage solutions, you will benefit. Here’s how:

  • Fast, Really Fast, Storage – With the advent of Solid State Drives and other high speed technologies, the availability of affordable high performance storage has become a reality. You will experience quicker access to files and databases, reduce wait times when running large reports, and have the ability to find the information you need more efficiently.
  • Scalability – As the data needs of your business continue to grow, the ability to invest today in what you need and expand without replacing what is already in place is essential. Our solutions will put the right foundation in place for your business to allow you to grow as your needs evolve without the need to toss out your initial investment.
  • Reliable – Put in place a storage solution that runs reliably and efficiently with the right levels of protection for your data to protect against hardware failure, accidental data loss, malware, and disasters with fault tolerance, snapshots, and multi-site replication.

Get the right storage solution for your business today! With the proper foundation for storing your data, you’ll ensure that the most valuable asset of your business is able to keep up with the pace of the growth of your business. Contact us for more information.