Businesses are embracing the cloud and moving more and more of their IT infrastructure and applications from their in-house servers to cloud service providers. As these applications are moved outside of the office, the challenge of integrating them to share data and work nicely together becomes a challenge. Duplicate data entry, compliance, corporate governance around applications in use, and protection of your valuable data stored by third parties all become major issues that are often overlooked.

Cloud integration services by Debian Information Technology’s team of business analysts will help you analyze and identify key areas where your business can realize efficiencies by integrating applications and data across different cloud providers and in-house servers.

With Cloud integration services with us, you will benefit. Here’s how:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry – Entering data twice is not only costly due to inefficiency but also costly due to the potential for errors. Integrate applications and have data synchronize seamlessly across multiple applications and eliminate the need to manually enter the same data multiple times.
  • Control the use of cloud applications – With the ease of access to cloud and mobile applications, businesses are quickly losing control of what software their employees are using, where their data is stored, and who has access to it. Get an inventory of cloud applications that are already in use and put in place the right corporate policies and data protection mechanisms to ensure that you don’t face a potential compliance and regulatory nightmare.
  • Gain better insight into your business – By integrating your in-house and cloud applications and data more effectively, you will gain better visibility into how your business is functioning. Dashboards that aggregate data from multiple applications and data sources will give you the insight you need to adapt to rapidly changing markets and make better business decisions.

Don’t let cloud applications operate in silos within your organization. Take control and make your systems operate seamlessly by integrating your applications and data sources to enhance collaboration and take your business to the next level. Contact us for more information.