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Are Some SSD Drives Susceptible To Hacking?

A research team has found an exploit that allows hackers to decrypt and view encrypted files on a number of well-known SSD drives.       They include: Samsung T5 Portable Samsung ...

IBM Invests Billions To Purchase Popular Red Hat Linux

IBM has recently announced what is to be the largest open source acquisition in history.  They're buying Red Hat for a staggering $34 billion dollars.  This, as the saying goes, changes everything. ...

Google Finally Cracking Down On Manufacturer Device Updates

Security in the Android ecosystem is awful.  There's just no other word to describe it. In large part, the blame for that can be placed at the feet of Google.  Although they ...

Shiny New Gadget of the Month!

PetChatz HD PawCall FaceTime With Your Dog! When a product is advertised as “more than a pet-treat camera,” you know we ...

A Special Thank You To Our Open House Vendors

Last month, we hosted a major event at our Downtown office space! The Debian IT, Fall Wine & Cheese open house was an exciting evening for all in attendance. There was a wide array of guests who were able to ...

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and every November, Diabetes Canada takes this opportunity to promote and raise awareness surrounding Diabetes.  The organization and cause it’s fighting for hit close to home ...

Shiny New Gadget of The Month: PetChatz HD PawCall!

FaceTime With Your Dog! When a product is advertised as “more than a pet-treat camera,” you know we are living in ...


Would you leave the front door of your business wide open every night? Of course you wouldn’t. When nobody’s at ...

IP Spoofing Attacks Show Significant Increase

Gaming and Gambling are huge industries with a truly global footprint.  It's no surprise then, that these industries have become an increasingly popular target for hackers. Interestingly, according to the latest report ...

Apple Update Fixes A Number Of Issues with iOS12

The new iOS 12 was released just three weeks ago, but security flaws have already been discovered. Some of them are quite serious. This event prompted Apple to release the first update ...


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