Curtis has been with the Debian IT team for only a month and he's already making a big impact! When asked what about the team and work environment he found impressive Curtis said, "The most impressive thing was how easy it was to get along with everyone! The retreat was perfectly timed and an absolute blast! The team is very supportive and friendly, everyone here genuinely wants me to be successful in and out of work!"

Curtis is a musician who both plays and records his own work! When he has some extra time he loves spending time "hacking into things" (legally of course!) and tinkering with whatever he can get his hands on! Curtis has a deep desire for learning and understanding how things work! A few years ago Curtis left the food industry to go back to school, "it was one of my most defining moments, I'm so proud of myself for taking that leap! "If you get a chance to work with Curtis, make sure you thank him for taking that leap!