Jenn MacLean
Jenn has been a tech with Debian in our Sydney Office for almost 3 years now. However, she is so much more than that! Jenn loves playing sports and spending her time with her husband on the baseball diamond or the golf course. She is a through and through Nova Scotian and is proud of where she's from. When she is not playing ball or working, she is helping teach her daughter the value of hard work. Kate is 13 and, while she isn't as outdoorsy as her parents, she is well on her way to building the biggest personal library in Sydney!
When asked what Jenn likes about working for Debian, she answered. "Vince - he is an incredibly unique CEO. He gives us the autonomy to do our work the way we need to. I also love feeling like an individual here, I'm not just a flea in the circus. We have meetings and conversations where my opinion and insights are respected."
Jenn will be visiting our Calgary office in October to visit her sister and meet all the new faces on our team in person!