WANTED: Kick-Ass Client Support Coordinator (Sydney Office)

Imagine a world where entrepreneurs and their businesses can focus on making a positive impact on the world we live in. Where they can do their work using great technology, supported by great people, that simply works the way it’s supposed to!

That’s what we do, and we need your help.

For over 21 years, Debian IT has worked with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. Helping them with all their technology needs, helping them thrive and grow, helping them to achieve their vision and make our world a better place.

Why Join Us?

This is not your typical office job. Our passionately engaged team of A-players is beyond awesome!

We’re an energetic, fun, focused, and effective group who thrives on big challenges. We have a strong culture of freedom, responsibility, and innovation that fosters minds who wish to experience personal and professional growth on another level. Our culture is fast-paced and we consider our work our “art,” striving for excellence in everything we do.

We’re also super proud of the fact that we were recently named one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies!

Why Else?

We offer an extensive benefits package for all full-time employees, including medical, dental, vision and more. What’s that you say? You want a day off on your birthday? Consider it done! You love smartphones too? We’re going to hook you up with one of those too!!

And... We're hiring like crazy right now! Looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solvers to join our team, this means plenty of growth potential and opportunities for you, that’s right, YOU!

Oh, and one more thing, resumes are cool, but do you know what’s even cooler?!? Cover Letters! Ones that are specially written just for Debian to tell us how awesome you are. Hook us up with one of those bad boys, because we love those things!

If inside you're saying "Hell Yeah!" please continue...

Our new Client Support Coordinator position will be a key role in the future success of our organization. We are just now building the foundation to support massive growth and impact. There are exciting opportunities to help truly make a difference in our company and build a team to help drive our vision forward of helping entrepreneurs build successful high-growth businesses that will shape the world.

Ok, now on to the serious stuff...

Kick-Ass Client Support Coordinator Summary:

As the Client Support Coordinator you will be responsible for the immediate response to support requests via phone, email, chat or other avenues by connecting with the client, requesting more information and recording pertinent information regarding their support request and providing seamless dispatch to our support teams. You will also assist in follow-ups to push along stalled service requests and to ensure that clients are provided with an exceptional experience.

As a Client Support Coordinator, you will be accountable for:

  • Responding immediately to incoming support requests that are received by phone, email, chat or issue tracking system
  • Communicating with client to gather necessary details of support requests
  • Recording details of support requests in issue tracking system
  • Setting client expectations surrounding support requests
  • Prioritizing and delegating support requests and ensuring seamless handoff to support team members
  • Assisting with escalation of support requests to ensure seamless handoff to escalation team members
  • Providing timely updates to clients on service requests at required intervals
  • Following-up on idle requests
  • Following-up on completed requests
  • Coordinating with the Support Manager to review and facilitate the flow of service requests

 To be successful in the Client Support Coordinator role, you:

  • Love helping and teaching others whether they be clients or coworkers
  • Are decisive after doing necessary diligence but also know when to ask for help
  • Appreciate culture of empowerment and accountability to a team
  • Own your mistakes and learn from them
  • Put client’s and team’s needs first
  • React with an appropriate sense of urgency
  • Possess strong logic and resourcefulness
  • Super organized and punctual
  • Welcome variety and react to change with flexibility and an open mind
  • Some technical support experience asset

Debian IT’s Core Obsessions:

  • Own It & Get ‘er Done Right!
  • Prevent the Preventable
  • Deliver Service That Wows, Stat!
  • Pursue Growth & Learning
  • Collaborate & Communicate
  • Be Confident Yet Humble

Application Process:

We are looking for A-Players to join our high performing team of exceptional technology professionals.

To apply, please complete our application survey and follow the additional steps required.
(The survey will take less than 5 Minutes)

Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DebianIT-Technical-Concierge